Chronicle XVII: A Bittersweet Diagnosis

Today, I found out that I have chronic, late stage Lyme Disease. This comes over a year after my POTS diagnosis and almost two years after the onset of my symptoms.

Chronic Lyme Disease is a very controversial diagnosis, in which most people, including various doctors don’t actually believe exists. However, more and more research shows it’s a growing problem around the world. Even if someone is aware they’ve been infected with the bacteria, it’s not always effectively treated with a course of antibiotics. In my case, like many, I am not even sure when I could have been infected. Growing up in New Jersey and having gone on various hikes, walks, bike rides, etc., especially in the time between 2015 to 2017, it could have happened to me anywhere and at any time.

It’s most likely what caused my POTS and the other autoimmune issues I’ve been battling. It basically caused a domino effect to happen inside of my body. Having Ehlers-Danlos predisposes people to various issues, including many autoimmune diseases. A simple cold or viral infection in someone who doesn’t have EDS will most likely not turn into an autoimmune problem, but unfortunately for those with EDS, they may not fully recover.

Developing chronic Lyme can lead to autoimmunity, which in my case is most likely what happened. This long-awaited “piece to the puzzle” is pretty bittersweet. Though it finally provides the insight I’ve so desperately been seeking as to why I developed POTS, it also means I’ll have to continue managing these conditions for the rest of my life. However, the goal is by addressing the Lyme Disease, it will hopefully reduce my POTS symptoms.

I don’t know what to expect from here, but I do know I will continue fighting. There are many days I want to give up, because I’m just mentally and physically exhausted. However, I won’t because it’s not who I am. I’m a fighter and I will continue to take care of myself and do whatever I possibly can to feel better. 2020 is my year of transformation, my year of reaching my goals I’ve set out for myself and my year to continue moving forward.

More updates to come on this chronic illness journey. Until then, sending love to all of my fellow Warriors 💚


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