XVI: Happy 2020!

Happy New Year!

I know I am little late on the 2020 wishes – my apologies! This year started off no different than the end of my 2019. I was in the ER a total of three times thanks to my chronic illness. I had just arrived back home from a trip to California over the holidays. I felt somewhat decent while we were away, except for some minor flare-ups each night. However, the flight home seemed to do a number on my body, and I have no idea why. My best educated guess: altitude changes and POTS don’t get along very well.  

After dealing with the latest set of flare-ups, I seem to be stable right now *fingers crossed things stay this way.* My goals for this year include staying dedicated to my body, continue educating myself on ways to manage my overall conditions and take some much-needed time to relax and explore new hobbies and hopefully return to ones I most enjoy. We plan to do some traveling this year as well, so I am praying my body cooperates with me 😊

Anyway, here’s to a happy and overall blessed 2020 to all of us! We got this, Warriors ❤ Until the next post!


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